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Turner Field – Atlanta, GA

February 5th, 2010 admin No comments

Turner Field – September 19th & 20th
Atlanta Braves vs. Philadelphia Phillies
Results:  Sat. Braves W 6-4, Sun. Braves L 2-4

Welcome to Turner Field!

Overall Rating:  Good
Atmosphere:  Good
Food:  Good
Service:  Good

As a lifelong Braves fan, I had yearned to visit Turner Field for many years.  Watching the Braves play in person was not new to me, as I have seen them in Houston a few times.  However, watching them play on their turf was a completely new experience!  The goosebumps were definitely in full effect as they announced the starting lineup…

Earlier on game day, I went on the Turner Field Tour, which was fantastic.  Definitely worth the money if you have the time.  The tour guide was a passionate Braves fan and it was evident throughout his information sharing.  We were able to walk through the press boxes, down onto the field and even into the Braves dugout!  I along with many others on the tour took a picture standing in Bobby Cox’s favorite spot where the wood has been replaced multiple times from the wear of his cleats.

Also, outside the gates of Turner Field is a 2-D representation of the previous Braves stadium, with the baselines mimicked with bricks and the record breaking homerun of Hank Aaron memorialized.  This was impressive to see and the fact that the Braves’ past is still visible to visitors is an indication of how much the history of the team means to the city.

The first game, I was in the “Bobby Cox” seats.  $6 tickets with a great view of the stadium from the top level can’t be beat.  We were told on the tour that there are still a handful of $1 seats, available only at the ticket office right before game time.  For our second game, we had seats behind the Braves dugout, so I was able to experience the game from two perspectives.  I was also able to witness both a win and a loss, so I left with balanced feelings.

And although the Braves ended the season on a low note, out of the playoffs, I still remain a lifelong Braves fan and will absolutely visit their home again soon.

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The New Alex Box Stadium – Baton Rouge, LA

March 30th, 2009 admin No comments

The New Alex Box  Stadium – Baton Rouge, LA
LSU vs. UCF – February 28th, 2009


This blog will focus on major league stadiums, but since this is the inaugural season for The New Alex Box Stadium, I had to post a review to support my LSU tigers…

From the moment I saw the stadium as we walked from the car, I knew it would be a special place.  The original Alex Box was built in 1938 and hosted 5 National Championship teams and 13 SEC Championship teams.  It has done its duty and can now honorably retire from service.  The new stadium boasts a Hall of Fame (not completed yet), grand concession stands with a huge menu, a souvenier shop, two fantastic children’s play areas and 9,200 seats for its fans!

Stats comparing the original Box with the new stadium can be found here:

In addition to the above, The New Alex Box stadium provides a spectactular view of the LSU football stadium, which definitely serves as an intimidation factor.  Overall, this stadium makes me very happy – I have tickets to three more games this season and I am truly ecstatic about each experience.  The food is great, the atmosphere is unexplainable and the overall design of the stadium is perfect.  There are no bad seats in the house and everyone that even remotely likes baseball will have a great time watching the Tigers play.


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Minute Maid Park – Houston, TX

October 7th, 2008 admin No comments
Minute Maid Park – September 27th, 2008
Houston Astros vs. Atlanta Braves
Result:  Braves Win!  11-5
Overall Rating:  Very Good
Atmosphere:  Excellent
Food:  Average
Service:  Excellent

Overall, my trip to Minute Maid Park was a very good one.  As a hard core Braves fan, I truly enjoyed watching my team play and win after such a disappointing season.  The atmosphere and ambience of the stadium were the high point of the game – we had great seats in section 106 down the third base line (link to pictures is below).

The food at the ballpark was average.  Since I am used to Tony’s and Tabasco, the food was a little bland.  We had chili and cheese nachos and french fries and I was slightly disappointed.  The beer that I had was nice and cold, which means the most to me anyway, so I could look past the mundane food.

The service at Minute Maid was exquisite.  I left diapers in the car and the ticket man kindly let me leave and come back and I didn’t even have to wait in line again!  In addition, when I came back, I brought Lil’ Niles in the stroller because my arms were killing me and the attendant at the top of our section offered to walk it to the fan accommodation area several sections away and he brought our ticket back to us in our seats.  Very impressive!

I would highly recommend visiting Minute Maid Park.  Since I am in Louisiana, this is the closest we have to a major league home team so I am a little partial, but I had a great time and will absolutely return as soon as I have the chance.

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